Milati Rosulillah’s Dreams and Endeavors to Bring Joy to Her Beloved Mother


Join our #WheelofLife series as we delve into the daily lives of dedicated workers across industries who use wagely and how they work hard every day to make a better life. From the hustle in shoe factories to the resilience of quick-service restaurant workers, this series unveils the inspiring narratives behind each profession and the effort they put into turning the #WheelofLife. 

Milati Rosulillah, 34, is a full-time professional in the outsourcing sector. The Bogor Regency resident began her career in 2008 at a renowned hospital. In 2014, she transitioned to the Indonesian state-owned electricity company PLN, and currently, she is a valued member of PT Haleyora Powerindo (HPI) as part of the building operations and maintenance team (ophardung).

Milati begins her day at 5 am, setting the tone for her daily routine. By 5:30, she is on her way to work, starting her shift at 6:00 and finishing at 16:30. Her responsibilities include tidying up workspaces, organizing necessities, and ensuring a clean workplace environment. Beyond her work duties, she finds time to unwind by playing badminton with her co-workers.

My biggest challenge is completing tasks before my co-workers arrive. That’s why I make a point to wake up early – getting to work before everyone else. I need to work quickly to get everything clean and make sure the workplace feels nice for everyone.

She finds her strength and motivation in her 58-year old mother, her main source of inspiration. Sharing a home with her mother, Milati feels a deep sense of responsibility to care for and be close to her. 

Whenever I feel tired or worn out from work, there are moments when I think about giving up. But then, I quickly think of my mother. I have the responsibility to take care of her. If not me, then who else

The 25th is a day Milati looks forward to every month because that’s when she gets her paycheck. Even though she tries to plan her money carefully, sometimes unexpected things come up. That’s why Milati is grateful when she found out her workplace provides the earned wage access benefit, wagely, making it easier for her to access her earned wages whenever she needs them. 

In mid-June last year, I hadn’t paid my electricity and internet bills. Electricity bills need to be settled no later than the 20th. So, I tried registering for wagely through the AMANDA app, entered the amount of salary I needed, and it worked. The money went straight into my account instantly. It’s super handy because, you know, bills pop up and don’t wait for payday.

Milati has decided not to borrow money from friends or family to avoid any unwanted gossip or social issues. Besides that, she steers clear of illegal lending platforms due to the high risk of unreasonable interest rates and worries about the safety of her personal data. For instance, some debt collectors might access phone contacts to aggressively demand collection from friends or family. 

I like wagely because it’s safer. wagely operates as an earned wage access benefit, not a loan, so repayments are automatic through payroll deductions. It’s hassle-free. On top of that, there are no interest or extra fees, just a withdrawal fee that’s much more affordable to me.

Moreover, Milati shared that wagely frequently introduces interesting programs for users each month. One such program that stood out for her was “Kabulkan Harapanmu”, in which Milati was selected as the winner with the wish to purchase a new mobile phone for her mother.

Looking forward, my wish is simple: to continue putting in hard work and bring as much joy to my mother as I can through the fruits of my labor. Though it may not compare to the sacrifices she made to raise and educate me, it’s the least I can do to give back.

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