HR Supervisor at DIKA Unveils EWA's Transformative Power in Elevating Employee Experience


Every day, HR superheroes at labor-intensive companies deal with countless requests and tasks, which can be really overwhelming. But, luckily, technology comes to the rescue, offering simple and effective ways to streamline and improve processes. PT Danamas Insan Kreasi Andalan (DIKA) is a great example of this. The company utilizes technology to help HR staff work efficiently and elevate the working experience for their extensive workforce.

Established in 2012, DIKA is a subsidiary of Dana Pensiun Karyawan BCA, specializing in the outsourcing business. Operating in over 50 areas throughout Indonesia with over 5,000 workforce, DIKA offers a comprehensive range of outsourcing services, including sales, operations, human resources, collection, and IT outsourcing. Their big name clients include Bukalapak, BCA, Bank Neo Commerce, among many others. 

The HR Supervisor, Villiano Crissaros, shared how their focus on deploying systems and technology aims to simplify work for everyone.

Before using HRIS, we used to manually accept printed CVs. But now, candidates can easily apply through our website by filling in their data and uploading their CV. We also equip our employees with other HRIS tools, such as online absence and productivity monitoring systems.


HRIS is not the only tech being used to improve employee experience, though. A new innovative financial tool called earned wage access (EWA) is also provided by DIKA in partnership with wagely to cater to individual employees' needs.

Back in 2021 during COVID, we saw lots of people relying on shady online loans for financial support. We didn't want our team getting stuck with those loan sharks charging crazy high interest rates and using aggressive collection tactics, which is not good for our people’s wellbeing. That's why we teamed up with wagely. Through this partnership, our employees can use the wagely app to track their earned salary and take out some whenever they need it, even before payday. It’s a much more responsible approach.

To collect employee feedback, Villiano conducted a survey about this new financial tool, and the responses were fantastic! Numerous employees found it incredibly valuable to have access to their earned salary. One employee shared how the app came to the rescue when he needed some quick funds to fix his motorcycle on the way to work. Another mentioned how she paid her electricity bills using the Bill Payment feature without having to go to another payment service.

Many of our employees are very enthusiastic about wagely’s EWA program. The feedback I received, most of them feel safe when they know that there is a salary they can withdraw at any time if there is an urgent need, so this is good. Like giving them a sense of security by having this benefit.

When it comes to employee benefits, it's common to see companies highlighting flashy offerings like free snacks and gym memberships. However, DIKA takes a different approach. They wanted to offer a real benefit that genuinely matters to their team, something that becomes an integral part of their commitment to employee experience. That's where wagely steps in and sets itself apart, as explained by Villiano.

Moving ahead, DIKA plans to recruit 400-600 employees each month to further strengthen their workforce and meet the growing demands of their services. The company is also looking forward to officially inaugurating their very own office building located in Benhil, Jakarta, by December this year, creating a thriving and energetic workplace for their ever-expanding team.  

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